Q: Is Lúnasa happening this year?
Lúnasa was a once off gemstone, a collaboration between Fuinneamh & Elysian Circus. We've decided that we are going to follow our hearts and do the Festival we have always dreamed of: Fuinneamh Festival. Expect everything that made Lúnasa great and much much more!

Q: Can I camp at Fuinneamh Festival?
Yes absolutely! Fuinneamh is a weekend camping festival. If you have bought a weekend ticket then you are able to stay in the campsite.

Q: Do you have Boutique Camping?
Yes we sure do! See here.

Q: Can I bring my campervan to Fuinneamh Festival?
Sure! You will need a campervan ticket and also a Weekend Camping ticket for every person staying in the campervan. See here.

Q: Where & when is Fuinneamh Festival happening?
Fuinneamh Festival is happening from Friday September 15th 2017 at 12:00 to Sunday September 17th 2017 at 13:00 at Loughcrew House & Gardens, Oldcastle, Co. Meath.

Q: What are the transport options to Fuinneamh Festival? Can I bring my car? Can I come by bus?
We will have a car park (with a small fee) on site, more details will follow. As a Green festival we highly recommend lift-sharing or getting the bus. We will be running buses from Dublin. More information and tickets will be available soon.

Q: Can buy a day ticket for Fuinneamh Festival?
Yes absolutely! Saturday day tickets priced at €65+bf will be on sale the week of the Festival.

Q: I lost my ticket?
Please message us on Facebook.

Q: Where are the set lists/times etc.?
We will release this information in a handy .pdf a week or two before the Festival. We recommend saving it on your phone instead of printing it off!

Q: Can I apply to play/DJ/perform/dance/sing... at Fuinneamh Festival?

NOTE: DJ & Band/Live Music Applications for Fuinneamh Festival 2017 are now closed.

We have an applications section here. If the relevant application is open then you can apply. Please only complete relevant applications (i.e. don't submit a DJ application through the band/live music application).

Q: Can I apply to volunteer at Fuinneamh Festival?
If you'd like to join the Fuinneamh Crew keep an eye open on the volunteer part of our applications section here. We generally open up applications a few months before our events and we will also announce application openings on our Facebook page.

Q: Can I apply to be a build manager/stage manager/lead/for a paid role?
All of our paid roles are our internal staff unfortunately so there is no way of applying for these positions. Some of them started out as Volunteers though so it's a great way to start!

Q: I applied for X role at the Festival yet haven't received a reply?
We receive a large number of applications across all roles, including Artists, Volunteers, Performers, Therapists, Holistics etc. and after we close applications it takes a while for us to go through each one & cannot reply to each one individually. Keep an eye on your inbox though as we may be in touch if your application is successful. Also, we receive a large number of DJ applications and as we book a lot of DJs directly ourselves we can only take a very small number of applicants to play at the Festival.

Q: When does Tier x sell out?
Tiers sell out when a certain quantity of tickets have been sold so we can't say when exactly. Our recommendation is to get tickets as soon as you can when they're cheaper on the lower tiers!

Q: What day does Fuinneamh Festival finish?
The Festival closes on Sunday September 17th 2017 at 13:00.

Q: Can I bring alcohol to Fuinneamh Festival?
Yes. You can bring 24 cans of beer/cider or 1 x 70cl of spirits or 3 bottles of wine. There is absolutely NO GLASS allowed on site so please decant your alcohol into plastic bottles. Also, once you have been wristbanded you cannot bring more alcohol into the Festival (and this is a strict policy!).

Q: Can I bring alcohol into the arena at Fuinneamh Festival?
Yes! Once you're in, you're in. There will be a search at the entrance to the Festival but after that there are no more checkpoints or searches.

Q: What is your refund policy?
We will only issue refunds in the case of event cancellation.